Ratchet Lever Hoist

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SWIFTOM RATCHET HOIST / PULL-LIFT is a portable light weight compact tool operated by a lever and is designed to handle a multitude of pulling and lifting jobs either horizontally, vertically or at any angle and it can also be operated in an upside down position. Must for every workshop, industry or project, facing pulling, lifting, loading, unloading and shifting problems.


Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters / Bar Cutter

Cable Cutter


‘OMEGA’ HYDRAULIC WIRE ROPE/CABLE CUTTER. It works on Hydraulic principle, as the name suggests, and is meant to cut cleanly and easily, wire ropes/cables of various sizes.


'OMEGA' Wire Rope/Cable cutter consists of a hydraulic plunger pump which when actuated by the handle, release valve being in closed condition, pumps oil in the cylinder, forcing the ram out.

Can Opener

A picture of Can Opener


'OMEGA' model 100 Heavy Duty Can Opener is meant for cutting open round tins of any size. (upto 5 Kg). It Is heavy duty type and of robust construction and hence is very useful to industries requiring large quantity of tins/cans to be opened.


Opener body is from musaic bushes from self lubricating type sintered phosphor bronze material, cutter wheel and rachet wheel from alloy tool steel duly harderned and temepered for longer life.