Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters / Bar Cutter

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Cable Cutter


‘OMEGA’ HYDRAULIC WIRE ROPE/CABLE CUTTER. It works on Hydraulic principle, as the name suggests, and is meant to cut cleanly and easily, wire ropes/cables of various sizes.


'OMEGA' Wire Rope/Cable cutter consists of a hydraulic plunger pump which when actuated by the handle, release valve being in closed condition, pumps oil in the cylinder, forcing the ram out.

Hydrolic Rope cutter - Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters Bar Cutter.png

for Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutter - refer PDF

The ram has a cutting blade attached to it and this pierces the wire rope or cable held against a pair of 'U' shaped blades housed in 'U' blade holder, which is hinged to the cutter body at the bottom and upper link (latch) at the top. This arrangement enables the cutter to be employed at any point of an endless wire rope or cable. Normal cutting time is about 4 to 5 minutes.

Two types of plunger are provided, the smaller plunger makes the travel slow of the ram, and bigger plunger fastens the travel of ram thereby making the cutting operation faster.

The release valve provided at the top enables the self retracting ram to return to its position. The air valve ensures smooth working of the ram.


  • The cutter has steel construction with case hardened pins and hardened & ground tool steel cutting blades and 'U'blades.
  • Being Compact & light weight makes it portable and convenient to employ in places with restricted floor space.
  • Integral Pump and cutter Body does away with hose pipe, loose fittings, and costly maintenance, and gives ease of operation and handling. Interchangeability of parts facilitates replacement.


Manufacturers and Dealers of Wire Ropes or Cables, Ship Chandlers, Shipping Companies, Electricity Boards, Railways, Mines, Dam Sites, Construction Projects, Electrical Contractors, Inlaying Cables etc. It can be used efficiently by all who have to cut wire ropes/cables frequently for their use.

Bar Cutter :

Bar-Cutter - Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters Bar Cutter.png


OMEGA Hydraulic Bar Cutter is hand operated with manual pump. Its flexibility enables to operate in small working area. The unit consist of Hand Pump, Cylinder Base with Cutter. Being light in weight hence can be carried easily. The hydraulic operation cut the steel rods very easily. The cutting blades are manufactured from the finest steel to give smooth cutting.


  1.     Hand Operated, hence can be worked in any remote area of operation.
  2.     Bar Cutting Machine suitable for Cutting solid bars up to maximum 23mm outside diameter.
  3.     Bar Cutting Machines Weight 32 Kgs. portable to be carried easily.
  4.     Hydraulic principle is meant to cut cleanly and easily.
  5.     Bar Cutting Machine can be adjusted to any working place convenient for easy operation.
  6.     Hardened Tooling for long life.
  7.     Lowest maintenance cost.


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