Knockout Punches

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Logo of "Slug-o-Ster" Knockout Punches

A unique, practical product for the first time in India!


Slug-O-Ster Knockout Punches are a boon for panel manufacturers, electrical contractors and for offshore projects.

Knockout Punch HYD-Knockout Punches.png

Knock out hydrolic punch

Knockout Punch HYD1-Knockout Punches.png

Hydrolic Knock out punch

Knockout punches are very useful for punching big holes in sheet metal and panels, a job which is otherwise difficult, tedious and time consuming, more so when the panel size is very big. It is just unsurpassable for punching such holes on existing panels at site.

Slug-O-Ster can punch holes within a minute, ranging from 12 mm to 125 mm dia. in sheet metal thickness up to 10 gauge (3 mm approx.)

Special punches can be supplied for making holes of square, rectangular or other shapes as desired.


  1. Fast, easy and simple to operate, punches holes three times faster than wrench method
  2. Takes very less amount of cutting load.
  3. Life of stud is more found.
  4. Cutting in the corner of panel or where one cannot rotate the wrench easily, the use of hand hydraulic is necessary.

Available models.
Wrench driven, Hand, Hydraulic or Electro Hydraulic

For Sizes / Shapes / Method of using wrench driven knockout punches please Refer PDF

Method for Hydraulic or Electro Hydraulic - please Refer PDF


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