Ratchet Lever Hoist

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SWIFTOM RATCHET HOIST / PULL-LIFT is a portable light weight compact tool operated by a lever and is designed to handle a multitude of pulling and lifting jobs either horizontally, vertically or at any angle and it can also be operated in an upside down position. Must for every workshop, industry or project, facing pulling, lifting, loading, unloading and shifting problems.


  1.     Freewheeling feature enables easy adjustment of unloaded chain
  2.     The hand lever does not spring back.
  3.     Moderately compact for use in adverse conditions.
  4.     Hand lever is unhindered by hook or chain.
  5.     Change of direction can be easily accomplished by shifting of lock position.
  6.     Roller chain with enough factor of safety.
  7.     Steel/Malleable Iron body to withstand rough use.
  8.     Interchangeability of parts facilitates replacement.


The materials used in manufacture of hoist components are carefully selected to give years of trouble free service. Body, cap, hook block & lever are of Malleable Iron. Knob is of Cast Steel. Sprocket shaft and screw-nut are from medium carbon steel & heat treated to reduce wear. Ratchet wheel & friction plate are from alloy steel & heat treated for wear resistance.Chain used is to Din 8187 B. S. specification. Hooks are M. S. Forged.


All the hoists are manufactured with utmost care and individually tested to 50% overload upto 3000 kg. capacity & 25% over load for 5000 kg. & above and due certificate is provided.


  1.     To load and unload jobs on machines in workshops.
  2.     To load and unload goods into a vehicle.
  3.     To install heavy machines.
  4.     To tighten aerial wires.
  5.     To lay underground pipes.
  6.     To pull down trees.
  7.     As a fixture in steel fabrication.


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